Sunday, September 19, 2010

Photography Quiz

Photography Quiz Answers

  1. Sir John Hershel first used the term photography in 1839 when photography first became public.

  1. The term ‘camera obscura’ means dark room in Latin.

  1. The earliest writings about the camera obscura were written by Leonardo da Vinci, which was used to understand perspectives.

  1. Who produced the first photograph in 1827? A French man by the name of Nicephore Niepce.

  1. Daguerre’s invention in 1937 was called the Daguerreotype, which was a chemical process that tried to change the exposure time of an image.

  1. In 1884 George Eastman introduced a flexible film that would allow multiple images onto light sensitized paper. Four years after he introduced this flexible film, he then introduced the box camera.

  1. Eadweard Maybridge is famous for recording what? Animal Locomotion was the study that made Maybridge famous, his study of the movement between humans and animals, which were horses galloping. 

  1. What did Thomas Eakins invent? Eakins invented a type of camera with a rotatating disc that could record many exposures of a person moving in one single photo.

  1. ‘Migrant Mother’ is the title of a famous photograph by Dorothea Lange, which captured the despair of migrant farm workers in California during the 1930s Great Depression.

  1.  What was the first major world disaster to be recorded on a photograph?
     The first major world disaster to be recorded was the Empire State building
    in the 1930s focusing on the builders, but also he explosion of the German airship, The Hindenburg.

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